VERSE is the reward and utility token for the ecosystem

VERSE is the reward and utility token for the ecosystem

VERSE aims at solving crypto's biggest challenge: onboarding new users to self-custodial and decentralized tools. We believe that the custodial model goes against the core principles of crypto by restricting economic freedom and exposing people to systemic counterparty risks.

Our strategy is to encourage more users to switch to self-custodial offerings, and VERSE is a key part of that. By providing incentives for people to use our products and services, we make the transition away from centralized exchanges more appealing and accessible to all.

What makes Verse different?

VERSE is seamlessly integrated in the ecosystem and readily accessible to millions of users. attracts and retains millions of newcomers to crypto every year via our brand and domain, our news and educational offerings, our easy-to-use products, and the recommendations of our users.

We guide each newcomer on their own individual journey, enabling them to benefit from the rapidly expanding list of applications in crypto.

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A multichain Web3 self-custodial wallet that enables users to buy, sell, trade, earn, and use crypto however they wish. With over 40M wallets created since 2017 and 700k monthly active users, the Wallet app is the starting point to earn, hold, and use VERSE.

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Verse DEX

Verse DEX's decentralized platform for permissionless exchange. Available on web and in the Wallet app, Verse DEX features 0.25% fee sharing for liquidity providers, Farms, Staking, front-running protection, and more.

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Serving timely and objective content for the crypto industry since 2015 and generating millions every year in media sales, News is a top-5 publication (FeedSpot) with an average of 3.8 million monthly active readers since 2020. Contributors are paid in VERSE and advertisers receive a discount when buying ad space with VERSE.

Open news Card Card's card will enable anyone to spend crypto anywhere cards are accepted worldwide. Receive cashback rewards in VERSE and stake VERSE to unlock premium Card tiers.

40M+ wallets created
40M+ wallets created
Verse DEX volume growth
Verse DEX volume growth
Verse DEX TVL growth
Verse DEX TVL growth

How's VERSE stacks up

How's VERSE stacks up
Buyback and burn

Buyback and burn

The VERSE buyback and burn mechanism is designed to encourage community participation into our suite of self-custodial tools and services.

A portion of the revenue generated by VERSE and is used to buy back VERSE tokens. These tokens are taken out of circulation and destroyed (burned), reducing the overall supply of VERSE.

Burns are visible onchain and can be monitored here.

VERSE launched on December 8, 2022 after one of the most successful private and public sales of 2022 Completes a $33.6M Private Sale for its Ecosystem Token VERSE Completes a $33.6M Private Sale for its Ecosystem Token VERSE announced today it has completed a private sale of USD $33,600,000 for the VERSE token with participation from Digital Strategies, KuCoin Ventures,, ViaBTC Capital, Redwood City Ventures, 4SV, BoostX Ventures, and select individual thought leaders and influencers including Roger Ver, and Jihan Wu.
Verse will expand's ecosystem of cryptocurrency products and services, linking the utility and rewards features of the VERSE token to every step in the crypto journey for everyday people. “Since 2015, has been a leader in introducing newcomers to crypto and guiding them along their crypto journey. So far we've built an incredible portfolio of products and services that count more than 4 million monthly active users and 30 million self-custody wallets created. Completes VERSE $50M Token Sale, Launches Token on Verse DEX Completes VERSE $50M Token Sale, Launches Token on Verse DEX, a digital ecosystem and secure self-custody platform where users can safely and easily interact with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, announced completion of the pre-sale of its rewards and utility token VERSE, where 16% of the total supply was purchased for $50 million.
"The success of the Verse token sale despite severe bear market conditions is a testament to the quality of's ecosystem token,” said CEO Dennis Jarvis. “I have no doubt that Verse will supercharge's mission to create economic freedom by helping to onboard millions more people to Bitcoin and decentralized finance where they can take advantage of the benefits enabled by self-custody, transparency, and censorship resistance."




Dennis Jarvis Chief Executive Officer
Dennis is an accomplished executive who is passionate about building stellar teams of people and promoting economic freedom through cryptocurrency adoption. He brings years of experience from his previous global management roles at Apple and Rakuten as well as blockchain startup Orb. Dennis joined in 2018 as Chief Product Officer, and became CEO of in 2020.
Vitalik Marincenko VERSE Lead Developer
A solidity expert with a Web3 mindset, Vitalik (vitally.eth) was the Platform Architect for where he developed NFT minting, treasury, and gaming smart contracts. He additionally architected WISE token's staking contract, and was responsible for WISE-ETH ownerless liquidity pair creation on Uniswap-V2, which is currently the largest pair by liquidity (~$230m). Vitalik has been with since early 2021 and is currently leading smart contract development for Verse.
Corbin Fraser Head of Financial Services
Corbin is a hacker, entrepreneur, and builder with over nine years of experience in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He has been with since 2017 in various engineering lead and senior product management roles. A vocal advocate for p2p cash and optimizing the user experience of crypto for mass adoption, Corbin has helped position as one of the most widely used crypto wallets globally with millions of monthly active users.
Joseph Collement General Counsel and Compliance
Joseph is a licensed attorney in the state of California. He is the founder of (est. 2017), one of the first crypto-only law firms in the world, where he has represented top players in the crypto industry. Joseph leads the legal and compliance team at and has extensive experience with capital formation, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory and licensing in the areas of blockchain technology and cryptoassets.
Andrei Terentiev director of engineering
An expert in mobile development, Andrei (Stanford BSCS) was the second mobile engineer at Japanese FinTech unicorn Kyash, and cofounder of O3 Labs, a wallet-focused startup that was acquired by in 2019. A core contributor to the team that built the current iteration of's multicoin wallet, Andrei now leads the larger team towards a low-fee, multichain future.
Roger Ver
Roger's company MemoryDealers became the first established business in the world to start accepting Bitcoin for payments. He then went on to nearly single handedly fund the entire first generation of Bitcoin and blockchain businesses including,, Bitpay, Kraken,, and many more. Those businesses have gone on to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding, and serve tens of millions of customers around the world.